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BBQ Hardwood Charcoal

Charcoal is a biomass product that is mainly used for grilling and hookah shisha. There are two main types of charcoal: Hardwood lump charcoal and briquette charcoal. We currently offer Hardwood Lump Charcoal Grade: A for several reasons:

- It creates higher temperature than briquettes charcoal

- It is made of 100% wood material and does not contain any additives, therefore its   healthier and safer to use

- It is easier to adjust the temperature of grilling

- You will need less material to achieve the required results

- It creates less ashes which makes it easier to clean

- If not fully burned during grilling only hardwood charcoal can be re-used

- It lights more quickly than briquette charcoal

- During grilling hardwood charcoal adds pure, wood-fire flavour to the food

Our hardwood lump charcoals are universal and suitable for any grill brand, as well as hookah  shisha. We currently offer hardwood lump charcoal made from the following materials:

 - Beech 

 - Oak

 - Hornbeam

Charcoal Specifications

Origin Bulgaria
Type Natural 
Grade A
Fixed Carbon >75%
Volatile matters 15.5%
Ash content <5%
Moisture content <4%
Heating Level (Kcal/Kg) 6800
Burning Time (hours) 6-8

Available Wood Type

beech, oak, hornbeam