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  1. What exactly is green cleaning?
  2. Does Puur really care about the environment?
  3. Are your staff all English speaking?
  4. Do you use Agency Cleaners?
  5. How do you ensure that your staff can do the job?
  6. How do you ensure performance, reliability and honesty?
  7. What happens if I am not happy with my cleaner?
  8. Are your cleaners insured?
  9. Are there any restrictions on what you clean?
  10. Who provides the cleaning materials and equipment?
  11. Do you clean before or after working hours?
  12. How long in advance do I need to book a service?
  13. Can you provide references from customers?
  14. What areas do you cover?
  15. What payment methods do you accept?
  16. I already have some cleaning quotes. Do you guarantee to beat them?
Green cleaning is any method, product or service that has a reduced impact on our health and the environment, compared to standard (conventional) practices.  Green cleaning is therefore environmentally friendly and simply promotes a healthier atmosphere in homes and businesses.
For us, “green cleaning “is not a marketing ploy. We are committed to using the most environmentally friendly means to provide our service. This is not confined to the cleaning products we use. Where possible we use techniques to actually reduce chemical usage plus we recycle waste. We spend time educating staff as to the philosophy and standards required of “green cleaning”.
All Puurs staff speak basic English, but it may be their second language. As well as English nationals, we also employ Eastern Europeans because we find that they have a very strong work ethic, are professional, reliable and highly skilled in what they do.
No we don’t but we do have cleaners who are self employed. These cleaners go through the same vetting procedures and are supervised in the same way as our employed staff but as it is their own business we we benefit from the having especially motivated and exceptionally professional cleaning staff who are investing themselves in their own cleaning business.
We have a thorough vetting system which includes passports, work permissions, proof of address, previous address history and references. Please note: we do take up references even if the candidate has worked in another country. Each candidate is interviewed and must pass a practical cleaning test to ensure they know what they are doing. Only once we are completely satisfied that a potential staff member understands Puurs philosophy and standards of “green cleaning” do we allow them to start work.
To maintain the best service, we constantly monitor our Cleaners’ performance. We actively seek feedback from our Clients and our Cleaners. We also carry out spot checks as part of our 'Quality Assurance' to ensure that our Clients and also our Cleaners are happy.
If a Cleaner does not meet our high standards we will either discuss our concerns to allow the Cleaner to enhance their performance or alternatively replace the Cleaner without delay.
Yes, we have a comprehensive insurance of totalling £x million. It covers public liability, employer liability, employee liability, product liability. Our insurance policy also covers theft and loss keys. A copy is available on request
Yes. We do not clean valuable, fragile or delicate items. For an example, an antique vase.
For commercial contracts all we need is access to water and a power supply. For some Domestic clients we also need a vacuum cleaner. This is dependent on location.
We can clean at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The earlier you book the better. We can book you in on short notice too.
Yes, references are available on request.
We cover all London areas within M25 and kent. We also provide commercial cleaning contracts outside of these areas.
We accept cash on completion of job, BACS, all major debit and credit cards and Pay Pal (do not need to have an account).
We cannot guarantee to beat all quotes as we value our staff and do not pay them the minimum wage, but if you are committed to green cleaning, we can work with you to provide a service that comes in within your budget.