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Communal Area Cleans

Puur helps you make a great first impression

Communal areas are the first point of visitors' contact with a building and the state of cleanliness forms part of the all-important first impression. Puurs service ensures that your premises are well lit, clean and welcoming to residents, staff and visitors alike.

In addition to all general cleaning duties our communal area service also includes:

  • Internal cleaning of windows and frames
  • Cleaning and buffing of stainless steel lift interiors and doors 
  • Machine buffing and polishing of hard floors
  • Replacement of defective light bulbs
  • Sweeping outside the entrance(s)
  • Sweeping of car parks
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the bin area
  • Reporting of damage/repairs to relevant parties


Clean and environmentally healthy communal areas are essential part of welcoming staff, visitors, and residents to your building.  Choosing and eco friendly cleaning company that has a green cleaning philosophy contibutes substantually to reducing your businesses toxic burden on the environment.